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High power LED as a light source for lighting has the following characteristics:
- Apr 12, 2018 -

(1) less power consumption: the LED of the luminous efficiency of 75Lm/W is 80% less than that of the same brightness incandescent lamp.

(2) long life: the life of the product is 50000h long, and it can be used for 7 years in 24 hours.

(3) the nanosecond response speed makes the brightness and color dynamic control easier, and realizes the dynamic change and digitalization control of color.

(4) the design space is large: it can be organically integrated with the building, so as to achieve the effect of no light.

(5) environmental protection: no harmful metal mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

(6) color: different wavelengths produce different color light, bright and saturated, without filter lens, can use red, green, blue three primary colors to form different colors, and can achieve full color, gradual change and other color effects.

Compared with the life span of the incandescent lamp, 5mmLED and the Luxeon1W high power LED, the high power LED has a great advantage in the service life, and the incandescent lamp and some other traditional light sources have a little space to improve in many technical aspects.