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About street lamps
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Sodium lamp is the energy saving light source with the highest luminous efficiency. It is an electric light source using sodium vapor discharge to produce visible light. But the color display is not good and the light is yellow. It is suitable for lighting only and the place where the color is not concerned.

The ceramic metal halogen lamp is also called the metal halogen lamp, which is similar to the incandescent lamp, but it is added halogen, after the filament volatilization and halogen reaction to produce tungsten halide, the tungsten halide will settle on the filament and form a cycle, so the life is long, it is about four times the incandescent lamp, the luminous efficiency is also high, the color temperature is higher (color temperature). The higher it is, the higher the temperature of the luminous temperature is)

LED is the light-emitting diode. When the current passes through the semiconductor, it can be directly converted into light energy.

Almost no loss, very high efficiency.