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Common trap for LED street lamp purchase
- May 16, 2018 -

Because of the characteristics of low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, the LED street lamp has gradually eliminated the traditional street lamps and became the main force of the road lighting. The lighting of street lamps is long, and it is installed in the open air, resulting in sunshine and rain. Therefore, the quality requirements of lamps must be cleared. Otherwise, the damage of lamps and lanterns will pose a threat to road safety. Therefore, enterprises, organizations or engineering companies need to distinguish carefully when purchasing street lamps, so as to avoid falling into purchasing traps.

Street lamp purchase need to pay attention to the following pitfalls:

Trap a fake chip, low end chip

LED lamps and lanterns are the core of the chip, which directly determines the performance of the lamps and lanterns. However, some bad manufacturers use the customer's unprofessional, consider from the cost, use the low price chip, make the customers buy low quality products with high univalent and cause direct economic loss, and cause serious quality hidden trouble to the LED lamps.

Trap two configuring virtual standard and exaggerating configuration parameters

The heat of the solar street lamp is also accompanied by the decrease of price profit. The fierce competition also leads to many solar street lamp manufacturers to begin to appear the parameters of the virtual standard product. The number of the light source, the tile number of the solar panel, the capacity of the battery, and even the material of the lamp pole of the solar road are all in the problem. Of course, this is also the repeated price comparison of customers, which requires low prices, and is also related to the practices of some manufacturers.

Trap three heat dissipation design and unreasonable configuration

In terms of heat dissipation design, the lifetime of semiconductor devices will decrease exponentially every 10 degrees of increase of LED junction temperature. Because of the high brightness requirement and the harsh environment of LED solar street lamps, if the heat sink is not properly solved, the LED will be aged and the stability will be reduced. In addition, unreasonable configuration often leads to the failure of specific usage.

Trap four copper wire as gold line and controller problem

Many LED manufacturers try to develop copper alloys, gold coated silver alloy wires and silver alloy wires instead of expensive gold wires. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wires in some properties, they are much worse in chemical stability. For example, silver and gold alloy wires are easily corroded by sulfur / chlorine / bromination, and copper wires are easily oxidized and vulcanized. For Encapsulated Silica similar to water absorbing and breathable sponges, these alternatives make the bonding wire more vulnerable to chemical corrosion, the reliability of the light source is reduced, the use time is long, and the LED lamp is easier to break the dead light.

In the solar street lamp controller, if the controller has trouble, in the process of testing and testing, there will be the phenomenon of "the whole light goes out", "the switch light is not punctual", "partial damage", "individual LED lamp dead light", "the whole light flicker flicker".