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What do you want to pay attention to to buy LED lights? How do you pick the lights?
- May 29, 2018 -

As the majority of consumers who do not have electrical knowledge, how to quickly, simply and effectively select the LED products that meet their needs, roughly concerned about the following two indicators.

One is power and integrated light efficiency. The integrated luminous efficiency of LED lamps refers to the luminous efficiency of a product LED lamp, which is lumen / watt. The higher the value, the better the energy saving effect of the lamp. The more electricity it will save, the LED luminaire with lumen / watt height should be selected. According to the use of the environment to select the appropriate power size of LED lamps and lanterns, the current market for the sale of LED lamps and lanterns, 16 watts of power and size of LED lamps can reach the equivalent of 200 watts of luminous flux, enough to meet the lighting requirements of 10 square meters space.

The two is the color rendering index and the color temperature. The color rendering index is an index to evaluate the color rendering ability of the light source. The color rendering index of the perfect reference light is 100, the higher the color rendering index, the closer the color reaction of the light source to the real color. It is generally believed that: 80~100, the color rendering is excellent; 50~79, the color rendering is general; less than 50 is considered to have poor chromogenic property. The unit of color temperature is Kelvin (K), the color temperature of the red light source is between 800K to 900K, the color temperature of the yellow white light source is about 3000K, the white light source color is about 5500K, and the color temperature of the light blue light source is between 8000K to 12000K. Light source color and temperature are chosen according to personal preference. For example, if someone likes warm color lamps, he can choose 3000K or so color lamps.