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What is the general installation step of the lawn lamp
- Jul 03, 2018 -

First, the general installation steps of the lawn lamp:

1. Precatgut tube;

2. Foundation pouring;

3. The line of the power line;

4. The wiring of the lamps and lanterns;

5. Installation of lamps and lanterns

Attention: lawn lamps must be safely and reliably grounded.

Two, when the lawn lamp is wired, a wire that is not less than the distribution line is used as a grounding wire to connect the metal shell of the lamp or lamp post, and the ground line system is "ground". When the length of the grounding wire is more than 25 meters, the end makes a repeated grounding, and the repeated grounding can bury a 4mmx40mm, 25 meters long galvanized flat iron and 5 earthing poles. The ground pole adopts 5x50 galvanized angle steel, 2.5 meters long, vertical into the underground, the grounding electrode and the galvanized flat iron are all welded, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 Europe. Why is the size of the ground wire not smaller than the phase line? Because the phase line is short circuited with the device housing, and the earth wire can release all the current.