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How to clean the wall lamp
- Dec 31, 2017 -

If your restaurant is connected to the kitchen, be careful to wipe the wall lamp in the restaurant with a cloth. Because the kitchen fumes smell strong, even if the installation of the range hood, also can not be completely sucked away, long time accumulated in the wall lamp, will make the lighting greatly discounted, and looks dirty, not beautiful.
If your home decorate the wall lamp is some modelling exquisite or inserts the shape the lampshade to be more easy to accumulate the dust, if does not regularly clean, the lamp will rust, the paint to affect the service life.
Clean lamps, in order to personal safety, to ensure that in the case of power off, the need to wipe the wet cloth light body and housing, small weave warm tips, with a little wax smear on the towel to rub again, your home beauty lights will become a brand-new.