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Is it necessary to have a bedroom wall lamp
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Is it necessary to install a wall light in the bedroom? Can I use a wall light instead of the main light in the indoor core?

Urban designer Mr. Wang said: "The main light is mainly used for lighting, but compared to the wall lamp, the use of a lower wall lamp is more common in the wall above the head of the bed, such as a tea-colored carved glass wall lamp, elegant, Warm, so you can choose to install a wall light in your bedroom. "

In fact, the wall lamp is not limited to be installed in the bedroom. It can also be used in halls, hallways, and mirrors. If it is in the hallway, the main function is lighting, and the light intensity needs are not great; near the mirror is to help make-up and wash; the light is stronger; in the bed The head is to facilitate reading, the light is more concentrated.

When installing the headboard wall lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the lamp. If the height is too high, it will affect the brightness, the light will disperse, and the concentration will be reduced; if it is too low, it will hit the head, and it is usually between 1.5-1.7 meters from the ground. It is better from the wall surface. The distance is 9.5-49 cm.