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LED Buried lamp installation
- Dec 31, 2017 -

LED Buried lamp lamp body is made of high purity aluminum alloy material, surface by electrostatic spray treatment, constant temperature curing, strong adhesion, generally with good waterproof, dustproof, in the installation work, should be prepared from several aspects:
1, LED buried lights before installation, must first cut off the power, this is the first step of all electrical equipment installation, is the basis of safe operation.
2, LED buried lights before installation, should first finishing the various parts of the lighting matching, is buried in the underground special landscape LED lamps, once the installation of less parts to want to reload is very troublesome, so before the installation should be ready.
3, LED buried lamp before installation, should first take the shape of the embedded parts to dig a hole, and then the embedded parts with concrete fixed, embedded parts played a role in isolating the main body and soil, to ensure the service life.