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Lighting Installation Considerations
- Dec 31, 2017 -

1. Installation should be operated by electrician, electrician must hold a certificate;
2. Before installation, must determine all the wire box, switch, socket installation firmly, correct;
3. Heavy duty lamps and fans are strictly prohibited to be installed directly on the keel of the ceiling project;
4. Its model, rated voltage, rated power and so on to be consistent with the design parameters;
5. Modern lighting modelling has archaize, innovation, practical three kinds, in any case collocation, these three kinds of lamp modelling in the overall selection should try to pursue serialization;
6. Families with living rooms can adopt some fashionable lamps in the living room, such as the three fork chandelier, decorative wall lamp, more than a rotating floor lamp, housing more nervous family should not install too fashionable lamps, this will increase the sense of congestion, layer height of less than 2.8m room is not suitable for chandeliers, choose the ceiling lamp;
7. Color to obey the whole room color design, must pay attention to shade, shell color and wall, furniture, curtains color coordination.