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Matters needing attention in the lighting lighting of the night scene of the building
- Mar 15, 2018 -

n the modern fashion city people's idea, the night scene with the light lighting can create a suitable night view lighting effect. The "bridges" other ambitious, at night more rainbow ripples, a richly ornamented building, and make people hope, the formation of King waterscape.

Excellent LED lighting design can change our living environment and the natural environment of the night appearance, and use modern high-tech LED lighting design techniques to beautify the attributes of space. Building facades, reservoirs, bridges, towers, greening, landscape sculpture is a water ring road, mountain, stone, waterfalls, fountains, water pool, water platform, pavilions, bridges, pool table, glass fish in shallow water Dieshi trails and other synthetical waterscape lighting culture dynamic and static theme landscape highlights a flexible space, hydrophilic environment, give a person with affection, caring, warm, comfortable feeling, to intimate interpersonal life living environment, cultural environment lighting display features of beautiful embellishment.

In the design of the waterscape lighting design, the design of the waterscape lighting is not only required to achieve brightness, but also highly artistic creative lighting design. In order to meet the night lighting of the ornamental and visibility, to create a good atmosphere of waterscape lighting environment, lighting designers recommend the use of LED lighting engineering lighting, lighting engineering using LED lighting, especially small volume, color changing, well hidden, long service life of the light source and the working voltage is low.

In the environment of environmental protection and energy saving, LED lighting design can also be used reasonably. Green lighting is beneficial to lighting environment and reducing environmental light pollution. The development of high-power white LED light source and the combined lighting with solar panels will expand the application scope and location of LED. It is the key for LED to enter the lighting area finally.