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Post modern lamps and postmodern lamps and lantern
- Mar 05, 2018 -

When the light is opened, the light becomes brighter. When the light is turned off, the light gradually darkens, avoiding the sudden change of brightness to stimulate the human eye, giving the eye a buffer and protecting the eyes. It also avoids the impact of sudden change of high current and high temperature on the filament, protects the bulb, and prolongs the service life.

Postmodern lamps -- no matter when they are visiting, watching TV, listening to music, or with family members, or thinking alone or even thinking of whisky, adjust the brightness of different lights, create comfortable, quiet, harmonious, warm atmosphere, light and dark adjustment function.

Deeper understanding of life, soft light can bring good mood, less dark light to help thinking, and bright light to make the atmosphere more heated. These operations are very convenient. The lighting and dimming can be done by holding the local switches. We can also use the centralized controller or remote controller to adjust the brightness and brightness of the light only by pressing buttons.