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What are the characteristics and advantages of LED landscape lighting?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Since LED has the above-mentioned series of advantages, the research and development aspects of LED landscape lamps mainly have the following directions:

Upgrade of conventional landscape lighting

Conventional landscape lamps such as: garden lights, walkway lights, buried lights, small spotlights, lawn lights, fast lanes, street lights, wall lights, etc. use LEDs, combined with variable control, can upgrade the landscape to make it more With artwork.

Development of non-standard shaped landscape lamps

In landscape lighting, the installation of lamps should protect the landscape and the environment, prevent the lights from being unsightly, beautify during the day, and brighten the art under the night. This requires the structure and installation of the luminaires to suit the circumstances. Due to the architectural characteristics, many standard luminaires can not meet the above requirements. The flexibility of LED luminaire design is especially suitable for the design of non-standard luminaires suitable for the scene. Lighting and landscape coordination to achieve a new level of landscaping.

Artistic LED landscape lighting development

The lamp itself is a kind of plastic art, and the LED light source will make the artistic creativity of the landscape lamp reach a higher level. Thanks to the controllability of LEDs, rich colors, and intelligent control with microelectronics technology, it is possible to conceive a variety of colorful, dynamic, rhythmic and melodic landscape lamps.

Such as: LED xenon lamp, much longer than gas discharge type xenon lamp, not easy to damage, and rich in color.

Another example: LED windmill lights, only the intelligent control of the microcomputer, can achieve the "no wind" rapid rotation, and can also achieve the magical change of automatic shifting and color change.

Ideas like this can be realized with inspiration.

Development of lighting sculpture

Any kind of simulation, bionic, comic, cartoon, commercial, tourist, etc., can be combined with LED and sound technology and microelectronic control, if necessary, plus mechatronics technology. Developed a series of landscape lighting sculptures that attract people's attention.