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What are the hidden dangers when the underwater lamp is installed?
- Dec 31, 2017 -

The LED underwater lamp refers to a lamp installed under the water, its appearance small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, more energy-saving, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics, it power, you can emit a variety of colors, colorful, generally installed in the park or fountain pool, has a strong ornamental, is a lot of consumers like one of the lamps.
LED underwater light because it's in the water, conventional products are usually used for low-voltage 12V (24V), underwater lamp waterproof requirements High IP68, now a lot of customer reaction manufacturers for the underwater lamp is not waterproof, most of the products are really seeping into the lamp inside the main reason is that the manufacturers glue less or not in place or poor quality of glue, When the guest installs the outlet waterproof not to be good, the water from the core slowly infiltrates into the lamp inside, installs when the outlet force causes the outlet hole to produce the gap.