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What are the tips that lead to the commissioning of street lighting systems?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

It is very important that the street lamp is debugged during the installation process. What are the tips that can be applied during the system debugging process?

Before the street lamp is installed and hoisted, it is necessary to carry out a test with the battery to see if the luminaire can be lighted, to avoid being discovered after the hoisting is completed, and to increase the installation and commissioning cost. What are the skills in this process?

1, time control function settings. According to the daily lighting time designed in the design scheme, set the time control point according to the instructions of the controller. The lighting time per night should not be higher than the design value, and can only be equal to or less than the design value.

2, light control function simulation. If it is in the daytime, after the wiring, the opaque material can be used to completely block the solar cell array mating surface (or the battery component wiring on the controller is removed), according to the delay time mentioned in the controller manual (usually 5 minutes) After seeing the corresponding time, the luminaire can automatically light up. If it can be lit, it indicates that the light control function is normal. If it cannot be lit, it indicates that the light control function is invalid. It is necessary to recheck the controller settings.