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What factors affect the price of LED street light fixtures?
- Aug 17, 2018 -

In recent years, people have advocated living in a city full of vitality and hope, so LED street lights have also entered people's sights, but because the price of LED street lamps is not uniform, many LED street lamp manufacturers are pricing themselves, so the price is uneven, then What factors affect the price of LED street lights?

1. Cost: For LED street lamp manufacturers, the cost will definitely be the main factor affecting the price. The cost is the sum of the components of the LED street lamps, and generally includes LED light source, electrical components, signal light controller, signal light pole and auxiliary wire. The cost of each part determines the final street lamp price.

2. Market demand: Demand will definitely have a big impact, because if there is more demand in the market, the price of LED street lights will increase, and the result is that consumers need to spend more money to buy. LED street lights, and if the demand is small, the price of LED street lights may drop, because its own inventory cost is also very high, it really needs to be properly positioned.

3. Product materials: The materials used by different LED street lamp manufacturers are also different. The seemingly identical things on the surface are also common due to the different quality of raw materials and the difference in price.

4. Product performance: When we pay attention to and understand the price of LED street lamps, we will find that the performance and quality of the products have great influence factors. If the LED street light configuration is relatively high, we can know the LED street lights when we choose. The price is relatively high, so everyone will want to know if quality is guaranteed when they choose. After the quality is guaranteed, we can naturally know whether it is the best at the time of actual selection.

5. Industry development: After the actual understanding, it is found that the price of LED street lamps will be affected by the development of the whole industry, because if there are more LED street lamp manufacturers in the industry, it is really simple in the actual development process. And now if we can understand these issues in time, we can know if the price is reasonable and whether everyone is satisfied.