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Development And Application Of LED Street Lamp And Tunnel Lamp In China
- Mar 12, 2018 -

At present, difficulties in application of LED lights, from the lighting design method, product quality control, determine the technical indicators, product failure and other aspects of the light tracking application of LED lights to be attached, in addition, the existence of EMC project management uncertainty, street lamps installation and construction, experts believe that: at present, in the actual operation in the present stage, LED street there are still some product quality uneven in quality and other constraints, affecting the application of LED street lamp. With the rapid development of LED street light products, the comfort of light and color, and the reasonable price, the application of LED street lamps will be promoted actively. Experts believe that the LED lights and tunnel lights into outdoor lighting is an important measure of saving energy for city lighting, is an important means of implementation of the wisdom of the city, around the user department recommended the development of a more scientific and landing, and bidding mechanism to more effectively, ensuring the product quality in practical application. The lighting effects, energy saving ratio, low price, to prevent malicious users and manufacturers, to reduce the damage to the interests, in order to create a safe, energy-saving, comfortable light environment. Government departments can give LED street lights and tunnel lights in a variety of ways to encourage, policy, in order to drive the development of urban lighting energy conservation.