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Now The Customers Who Buy The Golden Halogen Lamp And The High Pressure Sodium Lamp Are Really Good Buyers
- Mar 15, 2018 -

LED lamps and lanterns are really energy-efficient, but this is the cost. Why is the market so fast that LED occupies a large share? Most of the credit is that the price of LED lamps is very close to the people. The same power LED, you go to a certain treasure site to see, most of the halogen lamp will be cheaper. Your heart, and energy saving, and energy saving, service life of 100 thousand hours is not called the trombone, 3 discount, a total of 30 thousand hours is enough ah, but also cheap, why not LED. So because of this, LED has been widely popularized, this is a treasure, the price is king's crazy slaughter.

Do you really have such a beautiful thing in the world? Everything is cheap ideally, certainly other industries will have a revolutionary product invention, but the lamp, tell you, No.

Now there are two LED lamps embarrassment: on the one hand is to do some real quality dare to bear the social responsibility of the industrial enterprises Lamps lighting conscience, reasonable heat treatment, heat radiating rib foot area, the product process of heating surface grinder machining smooth, conductive materials imported, high thermal conductivity, 5-10 years without failure. LED lamp manufacturers package double gold, glue imported materials, through strict quality inspection such as driving design etc. meanwell constant current power supply, strict lamp light distribution design, beam angle precision, temperature display, index strictly according to user requirements, the process strict aging test and so on, these costs are down each link to 30% times of growth. The price of natural products is also very high. On the other hand is to take the field of circulation, a treasure fight price province to province, power will not do, 100W can have 60W good, aging badly, months of life, the price is very cheap, a treasure price for reference, the past few months, they had earned money, work Cheng also seize the acceptance, the price is the first factor, so each auction, also have profit, then hold down costs.