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The US Tax Collection List For China's Exports Has Little Impact On The LED Industry.
- Apr 12, 2018 -

Yesterday (3), the United States announced a punitive tariff list for China's imported goods, with a total of about 1300 tariff items and 25% punitive tariffs on Chinese products on the list. List goods category diversification, including LED components.

It is reported that the LED products in the US tariff list include 85414020 (light emitting diodes), 85419000 (diode, transistor, semiconductor, photosensitive device semiconductor, LED and piezo crystal), and 90330020 (LED with LCD backlighting).

However, due to the low proportion of LED related components, the industry expects that it will have little impact on China's LED industry.

Wang Fei, an analyst with LEDinside, said that from the US tax list of China's products, several projects involving the LED industry accounted for a low proportion of the total export value of the LED industry in China, only less than 5% of the export output value of the industry, and the proportion of direct exports to the United States was lower. China's real export to the United States is a larger proportion of downstream applications, such as lighting products items 94054090, 94051000, etc., but these are not within the limits of the list. Therefore, the tax list has little effect on China's LED industry, and it will increase the direct purchase cost for the LED downstream application enterprises in the US. Therefore, it is expected that this will have little impact on China's LED industry.