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Lighting In China Enters A New Era: Thirteen Expectations
- Apr 20, 2018 -

2018, it is the first year of entering the new era. It is a year for the entire lighting sector to rise in spite of its mission. It is also a year to cheer up our sleeves.

Expect one, break through hundreds of billions of years

China's lighting industry has been on the rise and decline for nearly a century. The turnover of a single company has never reached 10 billion, even if the company has been listed for many years. It is Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible?

I guess it's also one of the reasons why beauty, Konka and TCL's lighting failed to grow.

In 2018, it changed, great change!

Our first, will jump on top of the first talent shows itself.

Not only is it 10 billion, but it will double. Follow up, will be three, OPPLE, sun, Feile, NVC? Still have to try to wait!

Why can he create myths? First, we must never forget our original mind by perseverance; two, we must continue to struggle by innovation. One that MampA Landes Vance, in the fiscal year just past, sales exceeded 1 billion 900 million euros. Coupled with the complete ecological chain built in 20 years, the number of chips in the month has reached over 64 billion. What if another "small explosion"? This is not a legend!

Expectation two, cross transboundary year

Three market value over 100 billion, one of the most attractive is the transverse cross. A total of more than 300 billion, a total of seven projects, the first few are related to lighting, the next few are all across the border, across the third generation of semiconductor materials, involving the advanced fields of 5G and other advanced fields. It tells us the feelings of the company, not content, or cross-border mergers and acquisitions, or cross-border integration.

Expectation three, M & a layout year

It is necessary to buy as fast as possible. Beijing's Riad, who had tasted the sweetness of Shenzhen's JINDA, was unable to get rid of it. "East, West, North and South" all had the phantom of Riad.

Shenzhen state in the first half of the year to continue to hand, one drum air to buy Shandong Conley, Hangzhou cypress and many other companies, this is the threat of LED+, weaving "everything is in the connection" big net! Then you will not follow the example of other listed companies. In 2018, the M & A will be on the way. By comparison, is the old lighting industry's preference for the old firms to be conservative or conservative?

Look forward to four, next year in the city

Another word for urban lighting is called urban landscape lighting. The upgrade version is called cultural and creative lighting. Make the city better and make the people feel more. That light is the best medium. G20 Hangzhou, BRIC + Xiamen, Qingdao, Xi'an, even Dezhou solar energy town, one thousand acres of land to invest 2 billion.

It is said that about about 100000000000 of the night lights are put into operation this year. Xu Dongliang said: color temperature (1800K to 6500K) is the keynote of urban lighting, Tang eleven added: color is the "accent" of urban lighting.

Expectation five, light therapy and health year

All with a blue phosphor excitation, blue light is hard to avoid overflow. The silicon yellow light of the invention, is the first Professor Jiang, the technical indicators have been advanced in the world. In addition, many primary colors of white light (phosphor removal) are worth studying. In particular, the 2017 Nobel prize was awarded to three scientists in the United States, because they had deciphered the password of human biological clock, which would be a great inspiration to the lighting industry.

LED longevity is not great. LED makes life long for human beings to manifest greatness. The light light light, lighting, health beauty medical, will try to.

Expect six, plant next year

Last year's two prize of national science and technology progress was awarded to the plant lighting factory project. The general feeling is that schools and research institutes seem to be more active and the business reaction is not strong enough. I think there is a direction choice, one for special areas, such as the snow area plateau, the Antarctic Arctic; two can be planted Chinese herbal medicine; three can guide the youth love life education. If it is used for growing vegetables, it seems that input is not consistent with output. In addition, the idea is also a question. Will you be happy to accept the dishes that are illuminated with LED?

According to information, Japan has been working for many years, and 70% units are losing money. Subsidies for projects, research and development, and spirit can be better. Small and medium-sized enterprises are hard to make money. Do not easily "try and make mistakes".

Look forward to seven, next year

Ma Yun: intelligence changes the world; Tang Eleven: intelligence changes lighting. Intelligent city, intelligent building, intelligent home and so on. It is the general trend that Internet companies and lighting enterprises should work together to win cooperation. Forerunners, such as: lundewis + Amazon, Sheng Di + Baidu, San thought + HUAWEI and so on, believe that with the depth of the development of the Internet of things, mountain rain is full of wind, or is worth looking forward to!

Look forward to eight, next year

The "exploding" of new energy vehicles was shocked all over the world. Last year, China sold 800 thousand vehicles, reaching 1 million cars this year.  Because of the cutting-edge Internet entry, electric vehicles have been at the forefront of the world. This is a godsend opportunity for automobile lighting, and also promotes the "after loading" market.

Look forward to nine, backlighting next year

South Korea's LG's OLED-TV, Samsung's MicroLED, and the backlight of LED+ quantum dots are also a competition. Who is superior and who is inferior? It's a good idea to hang a game. Relatively speaking, we are still slow in the development and application of new technologies. However, the two innovation and integrated innovation are easy to come by, and then comes the weakness of intellectual property and patents. The source innovation and the original innovation are the most important.

Look forward to ten, show next year

Small spacing is a great creation for us. China's LED display is moving from manufacturing to intelligence. The distance between 1mm and below, is also a tight Gong.