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Operation Of China Lighting Industry In The First Quarter Of 2018
- May 09, 2018 -

By the end of April, the annual report on the main board of the lighting industry and the quarterly report of 2018 were published in 2017.

From the performance of these 60 main board listed companies, lighting application sector is mixed, most of the lighting application of listed companies to better performance, special subdivision of lighting enterprises in the field performance, but the export - based enterprises have been affected by a significant depreciation of the dollar since last year, the performance decline was obvious; epitaxial chip plate two poles The first group has a significant advantage, and the next step will enter the market elimination stage after the peak expansion. The packaging plate continues to benefit from the prosperous downstream demand and the expansion of the international generation business, the overall performance is bright, the power supply plate and the supporting plate are gradual and occasional, and the lighting engineering plate continues to be brightly lit by the national landscape. Potential promotion, performance is relatively prominent, the scenery here is good.