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What Do Chinese Consumers Know About Lighting Technology?
- May 18, 2018 -

What do Chinese consumers know about lighting technology? Or ask another question: how much do Chinese consumers think they know about lighting technology? Do they know how to purchase the corresponding watts number of lighting products according to the color temperature and lumens they need? Do they know that light has biological effects? In this international survey, including a representative survey of more than 2000 Chinese consumers, people still lack enough understanding of many aspects of current and future lighting technologies.

The United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has announced that May 16th is the "international tomorrow", the purpose of which is to give people all over the world the importance of lighting and lighting technology. What level of knowledge do Chinese consumers think of their own knowledge of light? What caused such a serious problem? What do they think about the problems of future lighting technology? Recently, a representative study by Research Now, representing landward Vance, has provided answers to the above questions.

"LED technology can bring a lot of benefits. But for consumers, how to choose a suitable light source or luminaire has become more and more complex. This is also an indisputable fact. Moreover, the European Union has issued a ban on a number of inefficient lighting products, which once again made the situation even more confusing. Such a complex situation and the uncertainty are reflected in our findings, "explained Mr. Lin Xincheng, general manager of the Greater China region of the international LED lighting company.