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LED Lamps Are Expected To Replace Neon Lights In An All-round Way
- May 22, 2018 -

It is estimated that the output value of LED for building lighting will double to 684 million US dollars in 2012. Since World Expo, the discussion of LED lamps and lanterns is undeniable, it is undeniable that the future LED lamps and lanterns are expected to replace the neon lights in an all-round way, and then become the leading role of the building lighting market.

He Zaihua, senior researcher of CIC consultant, pointed out that the LED lighting market, as a strategic technology for national development of next generation lighting, will be of great significance to the development of a new generation of information technology, but at the present time the LED lighting market in China is too heavy. At present, most Chinese enterprises are wandering in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. There are only a small number of Chinese enterprises in the upstream industry chain, and the survival is very difficult. Technical problems are the main obstacles to prevent Chinese enterprises from eating this tempting cake.

Under the guidance of the state policy, local governments have pre - borrowed the Dongfeng of the LED industry to adjust the local economic structure and upgrade the industry. Thus, the local government has set off a wave of local construction of large LED production base. Because of the low threshold of downstream technology, nature becomes the most suitable incision to enter the LED industry, so the inevitable result of the large-scale investment downstream industry chain is repeated construction and waste of resources, and even the production of excess capacity and foam.

According to the "2010-2015 year China semiconductor lighting industry investment analysis and forecast report" issued by the CIC consultant, the state approved 6 major semiconductor lighting industry bases at present. In fact, most provinces now have the LED industrial base in construction, and are planning to apply for the national title at the right time. Statistics show that in the first half of 2009, China's LED production volume has exceeded 20 billion yuan, and its expansion trend is still continuing.

Such a hot situation will naturally occur in such a problem. According to statistics, only more than 500 Guangdong funded lighting enterprises. The accumulation of downstream industrial chain caused by a large number of enterprises is not high, in fact, the profit of the downstream industry chain is quite limited, accounting for only 10% to 20% of the whole industry chain. Therefore, the phenomenon of less conridge is particularly prominent, the intensity of competition can be imagined, such a situation will inevitably lead to a series of disordered competition in the market and so on. A state of confusion.

Zhang Yanlin, CIC's director of research, pointed out that the plate construction of China's lighting industry is becoming more and more obvious. In addition to the promotion of national strategic factors, the local government can not fail. At this stage, the loss of most enterprises will promote the reintegration and shuffling of the industry. It is both a challenge and a machine for the enterprise investors. If we want to highlight the tight encirclement, seize the commanding heights of the industry, and build the brand advantage with the opportunity of industrial adjustment, it may be a rare opportunity.

The vicious competition of the enterprise will inevitably reduce the capacity of the market to eliminate production capacity, or even destroy the newly established market confidence, the enterprise seniority is different, the product is mixed and the consumer's trust is seriously bruised, which is quite dangerous to the development of a new industry. Development will stagnate and become a burden on the market, and the situation is not optimistic. This is also the main factor that the sales volume of market products is not improving at this stage.