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Zhongshan Xiaolan Intelligent Lighting Cross Boundary Meeting Was Held Successfully At
- May 25, 2018 -

In the afternoon of May 23rd, the Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, millon Limited by Share Ltd, the people's Government of Xiaolan Town, and the semi Technical Committee of the China Lighting society were hosted by the "Xiaolan Zhongshan Xiaolan, the road of sharing the cross boundary of the Federation" was held successfully in the Limited by Share Ltd, and the Secretary-General of the Federation illuminated the Microsoft. The Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the China Mobile network branch, the crystal Fung Ming source, the graffiti intelligence, the Qing section, and Lund Vance have made a wonderful share of the artificial intelligence, the intelligent lighting trend, the whole house intelligence, the Internet of things and other topics, and the government member of the Xiaolan Town, Li Jia Hao, the China Lighting society semiconductor special committee Secretary General Ceng Xiaolan and Sun Shaofeng, director of the joint-stock market, made a speech, and more than 100 people from the Federation of the Federation and the local enterprises participated in this exchange.