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2018 Chinese Literary Creation Light Forum Hangzhou Open!
- Apr 17, 2018 -

In response to the success of the G20 summit, the Hangzhou municipal government took this opportunity to improve the lighting of West Lake, the canal and the Qian Tang River, creating a good environment for the economic development of Hangzhou and bringing great changes to the LED lighting industry. Meanwhile, the 2022 Asian Games will also be settled in Hangzhou. Landscape lighting and urban lighting will be upgraded. A large sports meet will be held successfully, and great changes will also take place in the improvement of the city's popularity and the city's appearance.

In the historical stage of increasing confidence in China, the landscape lighting "beautiful China", "urban double repair", "cultural innovation" and many other good concepts have caught up with the national dry fast. At present, the industry phenomenon presents a short time and great capital investment, and the design model is expanded to the whole city and the design cycle is changed. It's also very compact, which is an opportunity and a draught for the industry.