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Key Points Of Embedded Wall Lamp Selection
- Dec 31, 2017 -

(1) Selection of a reasonable embedded wall lamp lamps, according to the lighting site function and space shape to determine the light fixture type.
(2) Choose high efficiency lamps. Under the condition of satisfying the glare limit, it is advisable to use direct type light fixture and open type luminaire for the illumination that satisfies the visual function only.
(3) Selection of lamps for easy installation and maintenance, low operating cost.
(4) in the fire or explosion hazards as well as dust, damp, vibration and corrosion of the environment of special places, should be selected to meet the requirements of the environment lamps. (5) The lamp surface as well as the lamp accessory and so on high temperature place near the combustible material, should take the heat insulation, the heat dissipation and so on fire protection measure.
(6) Lighting fixture should have complete photoelectric parameters, its performance should be consistent with the current "General requirements and testing of lamps and lanterns" and other standards of the relevant provisions.
(7) The appearance of the luminaire should be in harmony with the environment of the installation site.
8) Consider the characteristics of light source and building decoration requirements.