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LED Caoping Deng Development Prerequisites And Advantages
- Jan 23, 2018 -

LED Caoping Deng development prerequisites and advantages. Compared with ordinary street lamps, LED Caoping Deng LED Caoping Deng street lights with long life, energy saving and high safety features. The street lamp can make full use of solar energy, effectively alleviate the power tension pressure, the energy used by night lighting all rely on daytime absorption of LED lawn lamp as storage energy, energy collected for one day for 5 nights, greatly saving lighting electricity.

LED lawn light

LED Caoping Deng street light power, lighting time up to 50,000 hours, independent patent cooling technology, long life. And light body with aluminum profiles, to adapt to extreme weather, easy to corrosion, small size, easy to install. Through the built-in micro-chip control, to achieve gradient, transition, color flashing and other dynamic effects, creating a beautiful night scene.

Therefore, LED lawn lamp is completely do not need the power of lighting lamps, it is precisely because of this, LED lawn lamp more and more welcomed by the market, many areas have begun to spend LED lawn lamp, and lighting as a professional LED lawn lamp Manufacturers, funds also completed more than 3000 outdoor LED lawn lamp project case nationwide.

Lighting LED Caoping Deng, it is clear that it uses the light source is LED. Because LED radiation, reliable and durable, high quality light, is a typical green lighting. Because LED has the advantages of high light efficiency and low calorific value, it has been applied to lawn lamp. The combination of the two makes LEDLED lawn lamp have the advantages of environmental protection, easy installation, simple operation, economic and energy-saving lamp advantages and is promoted vigorously.