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LED Shows That The Industry Is Stepping Into The Intelligent Interconnection And The New Trend Of Intelligent Display.
- Jul 27, 2018 -

In 2018, the intelligent LED display industry is constantly optimized from various levels such as technology, market and service, and will usher in a new era. On the technical level, the rapid development of the Internet of things, cloud computing, large data, especially artificial intelligence, especially the artificial intelligence, provides a more mature and complete technical basis for the industry. At the service level, intelligent LED display products enhance value-added space and optimize user experience by providing personalized services and new interactive ways. On the market level, the marketing channels and ideas of the industry are undergoing profound changes. The two models of front loading and post loading are in the same direction. Touchi and the outdoor intelligent big screen are driving side by side. At the same time, the new retail concept is also constantly driving the development of the industry. More and more LED shows that the product is intelligent, providing more efficient and convenient product experience for terminal customers. Of course, there are still many problems to be solved for intelligent LED display products to go further.