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Lighting History
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Light, there is such a magic, so that human beings dauntlessly persevere in the pursuit of its long road. The emergence of the lamp, lit up the road for us, bid farewell to the dark, make the night more comfortable, beautiful and safe, in the light and light of the world, through continuous improvement, the lamp has become the perfect combination of science and art Things,

Lighting experienced from the fire, oil to electricity development process. Lighting tools have undergone innumerable changes, there have been over torches, candles, kerosene lamps to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, the development of an array of lighting, energy saving lamps, decorative lights, landscape lights, heating lights, navigation lights, lights, lights, small night Lamps, Shading lights, disinfection lights, such as raising lights.

The development history of light is the witness of the history of human civilization, which is also a search for a bright history, in the history of the development of lamps and lanterns, leaving many interesting stories, Light House will use reverse method to take you into this long history gallery.