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Lighting Installation Matters
- Dec 31, 2017 -

Installation of spotlights, transformers are generally installed in the hole inside, there is no unsafe problems, because the ceiling in space, heat dissipation is very good.

First, the installation of spotlights common problems are, some workers in the early construction, did not put the power cord layout, resulting in the ceiling, open the light hole can not find the line, so, pay attention to the position of the line layout, need electrician and carpentry with good.

Second, another problem is that some of the light hole excavation inaccurate, resulting in size or spacing around and so inconsistent, looking at the awkward.

Third, the light hole due to the height of the ceiling and the formation of depth, this depth to be able to put into the spotlight, if not enough, resulting in the lamp can not be installed, so, when the ceiling to consider what kind of spotlights.