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Obstacle Lamp Setting Method
- Dec 31, 2017 -

The barrier lamps set up by the large buildings of the shape should be able to see the outline of the object from all directions. Horizontal direction can also be referred to the spacing of about 45 meters to set barrier lights general building should be installed at the top of the barrier lights above 150 meters high objects, at its top set intensity type a barrier lamp, and with the light strong obstacle lamp with the use, Higher than 105 meters and less than 150 meters tall objects, should be set at the top of the light intensity a type of barrier lamp, the middle layer should also be added barrier lights, and spacing as much as possible equal.
Ultra-high voltage transmission tower should be set intensity B-type barrier lamp, and three-layer synchronous flash, the position is the top of the tower, cable droop line of the lowest and both.
LED light source to high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, stability and other advantages, the establishment of the aviation barrier lights the best position of light source.