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The Led Lighting Enterprise Has The New Opportunity Again?
- Mar 22, 2018 -

To be sure, the process of China's economic growth and urbanization is a long-term motive force for the development of landscape lighting industry. Multiple positive short bursts of power industry, the development of infrastructure construction, city economy, noctivagant town features, The Belt and Road, PPP, is a major force behind the rapid growth of the industry. What's more, Chinese city night scene, night economy is just the beginning, can be expected with the process of urbanization continues, I believe the next few years, whether it is first-tier cities, or the two or three line of the city landscape lighting, market demand will continue to grow rapidly. The strategy of Rural Revitalization has undoubtedly become a hot vocabulary. The policy of the central rural work conference and the No. 1 document of the Central Committee of the central government has been sustained, which has pointed out the course for the reform and development of agricultural and rural areas. It can be said that rural revitalization strategy is the major development and overall planning. The characteristic towns, the rural complex, the beautiful countryside construction and the poverty alleviation project are integrated and developed under this strategy.