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What Material Outdoor Aluminum Wall Lamp Packaging More Practical
- Jan 29, 2018 -

In the selection of outdoor lighting, there has always been a need to pay more attention to its protection and durability than the choice of interior lighting.

To our more common choice of outdoor wall lamp, at present, the outdoor wall lamp materials mainly include aluminum, alloy, stainless steel, PC and glass concentration of materials. For outdoor installation, perennial months to meet the wind and sun weather outdoor wall lamp, of course, is the choice of metal material more secure.

However, the traditional style of European-style wall lamp is generally metal + glass material, although the style of the atmosphere, but obviously the glass lampshade is also easy to damage the purchaser needs to be considered. Of course, under the same conditions, PC lampshades will be more durable than glass lampshades. However, buyers may also wish to consider the direct purchase of all-metal modern minimalist style outdoor wall lamp, after all, another trend. In addition, there are many styles of wall lamp, more and more lamps with different light patterns, such as light-emitting, light-emitting and light-emitting, narrow-angle light and other light-emitting devices are designed by professional lighting designers to achieve stunning lighting effects. .

Another issue that needs attention is the IP rating of the luminaire. The IP rating is an indicator of how electrical appliances are classified according to their characteristics of dust-proof and moisture-proof. IP protection level is composed of two numbers, the first number indicates that the appliance dust, to prevent invasion of foreign objects level (here refers to foreign objects containing tools, human fingers, etc. are not exposed to the live part of the electrical appliances, So as to avoid electric shock), the first two figures show that electrical appliances moisture-proof, waterproof intrusion of a closed degree, the greater the number that the higher the degree of protection.

The outdoor wall lamp IP protection rating of the best to achieve IP53 or above, that is, to prevent dust from entering the interior of the device to cause harm to the device, while preventing water is not easy to cause internal damage to the device. Of course, the higher level of IP protection, its durability and more able to withstand the test.