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How to judge the quality of lighting design?

The role played by lighting design is not the leading role, but the role that always supports it, and its existence can express the theme more beautifully and vividly. Therefore, when choosing a good lighting tool or lamp, you need to keep the following in mind:

1. When illuminating the material, make sure the lamp is dark with a 45 ° tangent. There is only one simple principle in determining the quality of a functional lamp design. That is, it is behind the object when the lamp is on. When is illuminated, the object is illuminated. When illuminated, the luminaire itself darkens with a tangent of about 45 °. This is a well-designed luminaire.

2. There is no glare or excessive brightness interference on the lamp itself. All lighting designs do not evaluate the glare of the lamp itself, but primarily interpret the design elements of the object illuminated through light. Otherwise, the afterglow of the eyes will be easier. bright. It is not possible to comfortably understand what the luminaire is trying to interpret, as it interferes with the reflection of the light source.
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3. Use lighting to create a space of exquisite effects and imagination. The lighting design does not necessarily have to be comprehensive lighting. Local lighting is often used to interpret it, but it has a more subtle effect. Even if the contours and frames are made of lighting, they are beautiful, exquisite and inexpensive. With only partial depictions of the corners, or the stunning design of the ceiling, the effect is more beautiful when the central part is empty, creating an imaginative space, or even an effect that floats in the sky. It is displayed high.

4. Balance the beauty of the space with the elements of light: The effect of good lighting design is the balance of the beauty of the elements of light to represent objects that are interpreted by light, but the occupants. Is the lamp itself. Therefore, when using a functional lamp, the lamp should not be too bright or too bright. Even the lamps need to be best hidden. If it needs to be exposed, it should have a beautiful look.

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