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Schtlite Light Co., LTD is a professional Wholesale LED garden lights manufacturers and Custom LED landscape lights factory (which from 2007) , both in trading and manufacturing of full outdoor ranges .(street and garden , especially for street top post mounted , wall mounted , lawn, underwater etc., )From 2012 we take LED as the key lighting source ,which to work Europe, Australia as our main market . From 2015 , we see the great importance to accept small quantity orders with fast delivery time ,which would be a bright prospect to cooperation with so lots of purchasers of wholesales and retailers in outdoor lighting trading , in particular , the rocket speed development from "Internet Shop" during last a few years.In order to be a best supplier for purchasers of wholesales and retailers in outdoor lighting .From 2016, we start to train a professional sales team on Internet , at meanwhile ,LED Garden Landscape Lighting wholesale keep a well-organized supplying train to be sure of on-time goods.