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The relationship between light and people is an eternal topic

LED lighting benefits, environmental protection, LED does not contain mercury and other highly toxic volatile substances. Even if the fluorescent lamp breaks in the room, but also does not cause toxic substances swing, harm to the human body. These are things that incandescent and fluorescent lamps can't do. It can not only provide comfortable light space, but also meet people's physiological health needs. It is a healthy light source to protect eyesight and protect the environment.

According to the data, because LED is a cold light source, the light-emitting diode itself has no pollution to the environment, and compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90% . At the same brightness, the power consumption of ordinary incandescent lamps only 1/10, fluorescent tubes 1/2. If we replace 50% of our current traditional lighting with LED, we will save as much electricity as a three gorges power plant, and the energy-saving benefits are considerable.


The relationship between light and people is an eternal topic, "People see the light, I see the light", it is this classic sentence changed the understanding of countless designers on the light. The highest state of lamps and lanterns is"Shadowless Lamp", which is also the highest embodiment of humanistic lighting. There is no trace of common lamps and lanterns in the room, so that people can feel the light but can not find the light source, which embodies the humanistic design that combines the light and human life perfectly.