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How to choose furniture lighting, LED and energy-saving lamps?

From the outdoors, you can see that the main lighting fixture in the living room is the floor lamp, and there is only one spotlight on the ceiling of the entire living room. However, according to the living habits of Chinese people, it is difficult to adapt to the use of mobile lamps or wall lamps to complete the ratio of ambient light. Our living room is expensive, and we rack our brains to maximize the use of space, so functional lighting can be arranged on the ceiling to save a lot of space. According to our habits, in the arrangement of "no main light", the light strip is one of the best ambient lights, and it has many natural advantages. -1: The light strip is better integrated into the main body of the decoration, so that the lamps are invisible, which is in line with our aesthetic expectation of "seeing the light but not the light". -2: The light of the light strip reaches the human eye after many times of diffuse reflection. The light is soft and suitable for all ages. It meets the needs of our two/three generations of people of different ages. -3: The light strip can create a very good linear beauty, providing comfortable lighting and also in line with our visual aesthetics. -4: The light strip is one of the cheap and easy-to-use lamps, so the cost performance is very high.


There are a few things to consider when choosing a lighting fixture:

-1: What kind of lighting is more suitable for people of different ages, and some special needs.

-2: How to realize each in private space and how to combine these demands in public space.

-3: How to combine lighting and decoration to make lighting and decoration more harmonious.