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Why can't LED filament lamp replace LED bulb lamp at present?

1. The reason why the price of LED filament lamp is too expensive is that the material of LED filament is expensive. In the future, the material cost may be reduced due to large quantity or modification of material specifications. However, there are still some problems in the current process yield, which is the reason why the current LED filament cost cannot be reduced. As for the solution, some manufacturers have studied how to reduce the material cost and improve the process yield. This problem belongs to the LED front-end packaging process, which is also the goal of many packaging manufacturers. In addition, it discusses other factors that affect the price of LED filament lamp, such as too much labor cost during assembly and low yield of the whole lamp after assembly, which are the reasons why the price of LED filament lamp cannot be reduced.

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2. Quality At present, the biggest cover door of LED filament lamp is the problem of heat dissipation. Because of the shape problem of LED filament, it is difficult to dissipate heat. Therefore, it not only accelerates the light attenuation of LED filament, but also affects the life of LED filament. Therefore, how to improve the heat dissipation capacity of LED filament lamp is an important problem at present. In addition, LED filament has heat dissipation problem, so many manufacturers reduce the wattage of LED filament to reduce the heat generated when LED filament is lit, but the relative brightness is also reduced. Due to the heat dissipation problem of LED filament, the whole lamp assembly cannot increase the overall wattage. However, the market believes that the general bulb lamp should be the main lighting, with a brightness of about 1000 lumens. At present, the brightness of some LED filament lamps on the market is about 400 lumens, so the current LED filament lamps can only be used as decorative lighting, not as main lighting.

3) At present, most of the LED filament lamps are designed to match the equipment of traditional incandescent lamps. The heat dissipation characteristics of LED filament lamps are not considered at all, so it is impossible to make LED filament lamps with relatively high wattage. And at present, many traditional filament lamp manufacturers turn to LED filament lamps. They can produce LED filament lamps only by modifying the existing traditional filament lamp equipment a little. They do not consider the characteristics of LED filament lamps at all, so they cannot improve the quality of LED filament lamps. However, we believe that LED filament lamps in this way are transitional products, just to consume the filament lamp production equipment that has been scrapped.