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How to choose office lighting fixtures?

The purpose of office lighting is to provide employees with the light they need to complete their work tasks, creating a high-quality comfortable light environment. Therefore, the demand for office space boils down to three points: function, comfort and economy.

1. Fluorescent lamps should be used for office lighting.

The decorative performance in the room should be made of matte decorative materials. The general lighting of the office should be designed on both sides of the work area. When using fluorescent lamps, the longitudinal axis of the lamps should be parallel to the horizontal line of sight. It is not advisable to arrange the lamps directly in front of the working position.

2. The front desk.

Every company has a front desk, which is a public area, not only a simple area for people to move, but also an area to display the corporate image. Therefore, in addition to the sufficient illumination provided by the lighting fixtures in the design, it is also required to diversify the lighting methods, so that the lighting design can be organically combined with the corporate image and brand. Integrating various decorative elements with lighting makes the image display of the company's front desk more vibrant.

3. Personal office.

A personal office is a small space occupied by one person. The brightness of all ceiling lighting fixtures is not so important. The lighting design can be carried out according to the layout of the desk, but it is best to have good lighting anywhere in the office to give people a good and comfortable atmosphere. Office environment, easy to work. In addition, if you like, it is also very good to install a small table lamp.

4. Collective office.

As the largest proportion of the current office space, the collective office covers all functional departments of the company, including computer operation, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work communication, meetings and other office activities. In terms of lighting, the above office behaviors should be combined with the design principles of uniformity and comfort. Usually, the method of arranging lamps with uniform spacing is adopted, and corresponding lamps and lanterns are used in combination with the functional area on the ground. The workbench area uses a grille light panel to evenly light the workspace and reduce glare. In the collective office passage area, energy-saving downlights are used to supplement the passage with light.

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5. Meeting room.

Lighting should consider the lighting above the conference table is mainly lighting. Creates a sense of center and concentration. The illumination should be appropriate, and auxiliary lighting should be added around.

6. Public access.

The lighting in the public passage area should be flexibly controlled to meet the requirements of the aisle, that is, the multi-circuit method, which is convenient for the purpose of overtime and energy saving at night. Generally, the illumination is controlled at about 200Lx. The selection of lamps and lanterns is mostly downlights, or the combination of hidden light strips can also serve the purpose of guidance.

7. The reception room.

The reception room can function as a "business card". So first impressions are very important, and lighting can help these offices achieve the desired effect. The light atmosphere is mainly soothing, and some places where products are displayed need to be highlighted with lighting.

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