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How to distinguish the quality of lighting design?

The role played by lighting design is not the protagonist, it is always a supporting role, and its existence can express the theme more beautifully and vividly. Therefore, when choosing a good lighting tool or lamp, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. When illuminating the material, pay attention to whether the lamp is dark at the 45° tangent: to judge the quality of a functional lamp design, there is only one simple principle, that is, when the lamp is lit, after the object is illuminated, the object is illuminated. When illuminated, the luminaire itself is dark about 45° tangent, which is a properly designed luminaire.

2. The lamp itself will not have glare or over-bright interference: all lighting designs mainly interpret the design elements of the illuminated object through light, rather than appreciate the glare of the lamp itself, otherwise the afterglow of the eyes will easily be too bright. Interfering with the reflection of the light source, it is impossible to comfortably appreciate the situation that the lighting equipment is intended to interpret.


3. Use lighting to create exquisite effects and imagination space: Lighting design does not necessarily need to be comprehensive lighting. In many cases, local lighting is used to interpret it, but it has more delicate effects. Even if the outline and frame are made of lighting, they can be beautiful, and can be exquisite and cheap; only a partial description of the corner, or a wonderful design on the ceiling, when the middle part is empty, the effect will be more beautiful, and it can even produce Imagining space, or the effect of floating in the sky, makes the space appear higher.

4. Use light elements to balance the beauty of space: the effect presented by good lighting design is the balance of the beauty of light elements. It is to use light to express the object to be interpreted, but the occupants cannot see the lamps themselves. Therefore, when using functional lamps, the lamps should not be too bright and too bright; even the lamps are best hidden, if they must be exposed, they must be beautiful appearance.

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