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Blue light helps men diet and lose weight

A new study published in the American journal Appetite found that eating under blue light can help prevent overeating, because blue light can make food look more unpleasant. The new findings have important implications for research on weight loss methods.

In the new study, Dr. Hanshi Xu, a researcher at the University of Arkansas, and his colleagues studied 112 participants. The researchers asked the participants to eat the same meal under different colored lights, and then the participants answered questions about food satisfaction, food intake, and impressions of the eating environment. The results found that although the price of pancakes and various omelettes were different, the food satisfaction of the participants was basically the same. In terms of dining environment lighting, blue is the best at preventing overeating.

The researchers analyzed that food with a natural blue color is very rare, and blue often makes people doubt the safety of food, and unpleasant feelings will naturally reduce appetite.


However, an interesting finding of the new study is that women are not affected by the color of the light in their eating environment. The researchers explained that this may be because women rely more on their sense of smell when tasting food.

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